Grab the music you hear in your head

and get it down in Ableton so you can live-mix your tracks, finish an album, and make people feel the music.


How to Escape the 8 bar Loop

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On August 28, 2017 we start a live workshop where you will learn how to:

  • turn your loops into phrases
  • create the building blocks of a song
  • make a song form that has peaks and DROPS
  • add Transitions like sweeps & risers (not the cheesy overplayed white noise riser)
  • do it as a live set, improvise, and record it into the Arrangement


MAKE variation and complexity without cluttering your mix  

  • Risers, sweeps and swells
  • drum breaks
  • cymbal crashes
  • glitches

Start with free sounds from the Bleeps & Sweeps FX rack.  


Ableton is AMAZING at doing this, it's what Session View is all about.

Expand your ideas into an actual song without getting frustrated, without losing interest and without hating what you originally created...  


Recipes for what goes into YOUR track

Let's just stop and make some sections to work with.  

  • Intro
  • buildup
  • drop
  • breakdown
  • bass & drums dub section (not DnB)
  • "the Law of the 12-inch"
  • an ending