the Vocal Hypnotizer audio effect rack

Welcome to the hypnotizer!

The hypnotizor effect rack came from doing DJ sets with live singers and soloists on trumpet, sax, flute, etc.  

I made it because I wanted to loop their voices without needing to record into clip slots or even use Looper.

Grab it here:

It's great because you can hit the "repeat" switch and instantly start looping the sound with no preparation at all.  

Put it on a track in your set and you can use it for production with any kind of sound beyond vocals.  It reacts so quickly that using it becomes like a game, where you try to grab the exact sound you want from the performer (or channel strip). 

For live sets you'll need to plug a sound source (mic) into your audio interface and route the signal to a new audio track that has the hypnotizor rack on it, then map your controllers for custom control (filter range, etc). 

Watch it in action here.  


  • Keep the GRID setting at 1/4 or 1/8th to have a hypnotic pulse
  • Twist GRID faster for glitches
  • Bring down the LPF on Auto-filter and then add LFO to completely mangle the sound
  • change the LFO wave form in AutoFilter to get wah-wah or a beat slicer sound
  • use the S&H (sample-and-hold) waveform for true purely garbled gibberesh
  • use OSR filter mode
  • crank up the resonance to get a harmonic tone generator with self-oscillating filter noise
  • drop it into a DJ set and see what happens when you put it on a full track

The tutorial also includes a really useful tip on how to map a device's on/off switch to a control knob, to make the device turn off when you're not using it.


It's a really small download, only 10kb.  You need to put it in the folder with all the other .adg files.  

Here's my file path in OS X, yours should be something like this: 

Music --> Ableton --> User Library --> Presets --> Audio Effects --> Audio Effect Rack

Have fun!

If you have any problems, PM me on facebook for fast help.

-Steve Knots

Steve Knots

mixitecture, Pittsburgh, PA

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