SUBBY KICKS drum rack

Right to the point, here's your download --  128 kick drum samples recorded at 24-bit depth [.alp file].

This .ALP live pack will open into a session where the drum rack is grouped into an instrument.

A few notes about the instrument macros:

the HPF knob also controls the filter on/off switch inside Sampler.  I did this so the HPF will be de-activated at the bottom of the range (removes HPF completely).   The Filter switch will click when you turn it on and off in the middle of a bass sound -- disable this mapping if you want to automate the filter sweep down to the bottom, to avoid that click.

the resonance is limited to avoid self-oscillation

the Filter Drive knob sucks up a lot of cpu.  If you hear it crackling when you move it, increase your buffer size.

LPF comes from EQ8, go in and boost up the resonance if you want  a more obvious filter sound.

Compressor is there to give you some makeup gain on the quieter samples

use Limiter Gain to tone-shape the sounds -- crank it up to change from percussive to tonal pitched sound in the longer samples

And you have transposition, of course, for aligning your sub pitches with the key of your song when you need to.  

Steve Knots

mixitecture, Pittsburgh, PA

seriously, as soon as I find out how to delete this author bio from the blog, it's gonna be gone.  mixitecture is not about me, it's about YOU and how you get the sound you want from Ableton.  Thanks for your visit.