Your Live Mix Workshop



Announcing a new way for you to get your questions answered!

Starting this Saturday, I'm going to do live workshops with Marcus from Machine City Audio, where we answer your mix questions by showing you we do it in real multitrack sessions.

Post a question in the mixitecture facebook group.  We'll pick a different one for each workshop, and show you how we do the answer.

We tried writing answers in the group, but it's so much easier to just show you, live, with a video where you can see it and hear it.

Best part -- after we show you the answer, we're going to share our plugin chains and presets to help you use our answers in your own sessions.

Go to the facebook group now and post a question about your mixing or music production.  

Then be online, Saturday, to catch the workshop and hear some answers.

See you there!

Steve Knots

mixitecture, Pittsburgh, PA

seriously, as soon as I find out how to delete this author bio from the blog, it's gonna be gone.  mixitecture is not about me, it's about YOU and how you get the sound you want from Ableton.  Thanks for your visit.