Want your music to make people *feel* something?

Let's take the music in your head and bring it to life. 


Where are you stuck?


Learn a step-by-step process for making your mixes fuller, wider, deeper and LOUDER.


sound design

Understand synth basics, create your own sounds from scratch and tweak them... with FX!



Catch the ideas in your head, organize your workflow and get some amazing tracks done.


brendan barstow, Soundcloud/riddiot

“Steve Knots is a mix gawd and genuinely loves teaching production!”


Mirna Mandich

“I know who to ask now, when I need advice.”


Jon Cates,

"Steve Knots has a way of breaking things down for the beginner, while still retaining golden nuggets of perspective for those who know it all.”

jon image

greg o'connell

"You're helping a lot of people out with your videos... of all the tutorials I've watched yours are the easiest to follow by far."


the focus: WOMAN

"A special grateful tribute to Steve Knots, who helped me fine-tune my engineering and technical skills in Ableton Live."


Want a mixdown recipe?

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