GET A system for making tracks

Most Ableton courses teach you how to use the program itself, like a video version of the operating manual. But that only gets you so far — they don’t teach you how to actually create meaningful music.

The Mixitecture Production System explains what to do AND WHY IT MATTERS (not just which knobs to turn).

You end up with a fundamental understanding of what makes electronic music work, so you can make tracks that people feel at a deeper level…. no matter what genre you produce.


This “Big Picture” explanation takes the confusion out of making music and gives you a recipe that works both to create new tracks AND to finish your old ones.


  • The 3 things you need in every track

  • Why you have to do them in order

  • A basic recipe for each step

  • What makes people recognize your music

  • How to make tracks that people want to play again & again

  • What makes your music sound good on every different type of sound system

  • How to troubleshoot & fix tracks that don’t feel right


Believe it or not, this is FREE. I want you to know this stuff and start using it right away. —Steve Knots