[from CK nurture2 email]

the magic of the timestamp comment

This is one of the best innovations I've come up with in a while.

It's not a Session Lesson or a big amazing synth instrument or FX rack, it's really just a communication system.

But it helps break people out of the inner fears and hesitations we all have about sharing music.

Here's the problem.

We all need feedback on our production, because that's how we get better.

We all need to GIVE each other feedback too. That's how it works when you're part of the world of music, both online and in person.

But nobody wants to say, "your track sucks."

And lots of us feel like we're not experienced enough to judge someone else's music.

I mean who wants to go in with forensic detailed mix analysis on a stranger, right? I don't even like to do that.

So I came up with a way you can give somebody useful feedback, and be really specific in a helpful way, even if you're a total beginner.

It's the Time Stamp Comment.

I love these because they're so easy and it makes SUCH a big difference to people.

It also works in your favor if you're a beginner, by giving you the perfect way to ask questions and learn from another producer.

Here's how to do it.

This works because everybody likes to talk about their music.

Think about how good you feel when people react to your posts and like your tracks...

It feels good, right?

Just remember that when you leave comments for other people. You will totally make their day better.

Use time stamps to be specific, followup with questions, and watch what happens. It really works.

And when you put them together with the production system, they're unstoppable.

The production system helps you think in terms of sound design, song form and the mixdown.

The timestamp comment gives you a way to comment on those three things at specific moments, so the other person knows exactly what you mean.

That's how timestamp comments work with the production system.

It's simple, it's really effective, and it turns into conversations where people learn from each other, share instruments, share FX, and have more fun making tracks.

That's what it's all about.

By the way, are you in the mixitecture FaceBook group yet?

We post our tracks every week and give each other feedback.

Come on in, share a track and leave a comment for somebody else.


I hope to hear some of your music real soon.

Do you have any questions about anything?

Let me know if you do, because after this we're going to start putting all this knowledge into ACTION to make some music!

Thanks for reading and thanks for being part of mixitecture.

Out of your head, into the speakers.