Most people are still teaching composition in the Arrangement view, where you stop and start and cut and paste and layout your blocks of music visually on the timeline.

That’s like carving a statue where you slowly chip off little pieces and step back to see how it looks.


But what if you like to make music on the fly, by feel, like they used to do with drum machines and synths in a live set?

What if you want to make music with your hands on the controls, tweaking knobs, intuitively feeling it without planning?

What if you want to get up to your elbows in it like throwing clay on a spinning pottery wheel?


That’s what we do in Escape the 8-Bar Loop, a totally different composition course.

This teaches you how to build your song structure in Session View, where Ableton is at its best.

You learn a fast and effective way to create buildups, peaks, Drops and put a CLIMAX in your tracks, so people will want to hear them again and again.

NOBODY ELSE is making hands-on Session Lessons™ where you learn by doing it right there in Ableton. That’s why this course is so revolutionary.

Do you have a bunch of unfinished tracks sitting on your computer? Dysfunctional ADD workflow that leaves you feeling annoyed and frustrated? Need help with with song structure, arrangement & composition?


Yes, I have to say it — if you like live-mixing your music, improvising with mute switches and AUX sends, and dubbing down your tracks…. this is for you.



Song Form Workflow Guide


5 Steps to build your next track

This gives you a simple process to making music one step at a time.

It's great for beginners, but it will also keep working as your sessions get more and more complex.

I still use this in my own tracks, after almost 20 years of making beats!

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