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We all face the same problems at the beginning… a flat, boring, lifeless mix with a flubby low end that doesn’t thump no matter how loud you turn it up. The good news is we can fix that. It’s all just problem-solving.

The fun part about mixing is, although it’s a technical science, your results are measured in emotions. We are literally building a path through the world of FEELING, as we tweak our knobs and press our buttons.

Learn the mix tools & techniques to bring people on a journey with crisp, wide, LOUD mixes.


 Sidechain Compression


Sidechain compression is really just an extension of normal compression, with a little trick. This lesson is designed for sidechaining your kick drum with your bassline. Learn how to get that tight, locked-in low-end mix to make your kick drum EXPLODE through the speakers.


 master channel BASICS


It turns out that on the master channel, less is more. In this case, the secret weapon to make your tracks sound world-class is… knowledge. And a lot of practice. Learn how to use this minimal Ableton FX chain to make pro-sounding mixes without crushing them to death.


 EQ8 presets pack


No more wasting time EQ’ing your snare drum for 12 hours until the sun comes up. This pack of .adg prests for EQ8 gives you the right frequencies to EQ for beats, basslines, kicks, snares, synths, keys and even vocals. Drop them on your channels and hear your mix snap into focus.



These will help you learn about the audio engineer’s mix tools so you know which one to use for which problem. I learned this stuff over the course of many years by working as an intern in a pro audio repair shop, studying in music school, DJ’ing and doing sound system maintenance as a live sound engineer.

But you don’t have to go through all that. You can get it right now from the online learning platform, where it’s all in one place and easy to find. Remember, when it comes to mixing audio, everything is just problem-solving. Learn the right tools for the job.


8 Great Mix Tools

A list of the most essential Ableton plugins to use in your mixdown — with Pro Tips on why we need them.


10-Step Mixdown Process

This will give you an idea of what to do first and what NOT to do first, so you can get through the mixing process without wasting a ton of time.


Equalization Spreadsheet

This gives you a starting place for the frequencies to cut and boost on different instruments. You’ll get the hang of it as you build up the connection between a frequency in Hertz and the feeling of the sound. It’s a great stepping-stone.


Frequency & Pitch Chart

This one helps you with harmonic EQ’ing, which means dialling in your EQ’s to match the key signature of your music. Excellent for basslines.


VU Meters

A quick explanation of how the Ableton VU meters measure loudness, compared to analog VU meters. Keep your mixes clean.


The Frequency Landscape

Learn your way around the range of human hearing, with words that make sense for the way people talk about music.


Frequency Landscape II

Learn the words you need to know about EQ, human hearing and the space we work with in audio engineering.


The Secrets of Spectrum

How Spectrum Analyzer works and why you should use it (HINT: to become an EQ ninja).


Filter Pairs

This helped me understand it a lot. Use the right Filter for each part of the frequency range, and you’re all set.


EQ & Filter Types

Learn what the basic types of EQ's and Filters are, what they do, and where to use them in your mix.


The Essentials of EQ and Filter

In-depth article about problem-solving with our EQ and Filter mix tools. This will help both your mixdown and your sound design skills.