A revolutionary hands-on course for building your tracks in Session View (where Ableton is at its best)


Trying to build your song structure can drive you CRAZY, right?


"The same damn loops are playing for the last hour and I don't know what to do next."  


"It can be tedious sifting through videos to find help..."  

"I usually tend to get lost when producing."


"I keep trying to start a project but I tend to undo it all and it's getting a bit intimidating."

"I can't finish a song."


If you ever felt like this, I can help you.


+ "Does anyone else feel like their music is not good enough sometimes?"

Yes, even me! I know how you feel. But believe this: most songs have TOO MUCH going on in them! The problem is never "not enough stuff".

SOLUTION: I show you how to cut out the extra bits from your loops, make the important parts really come through, and lay out your sounds for maximum impact, even if you're starting with only 8 channels of sounds.

"Less is more.*


+ "No matter how hard I try, my mixdowns are never where I want them to be."

So what! Plenty of commercial "pro" mixes are technically perfect but they're completely BORING to listen to!

People listen to a track when it is EMOTIONALLY MEANINGFUL, not when when it's got a good mix.

SOLUTION: Start by making music that brings your audience on a powerful emotional journey, and don't worry about your mix. Think about how many crappy fuzzy old records are still super-popular because people love the music.

Get your song to peak and DROP first. The mix comes second.

Learn how to DROP A BEAT in this course


+ "It takes years to actually even be considered decent..."

Wrong again my friend! There's no reason to suffer through the early stages of learning, like we did back when the only "google" was a product manual or MAYBE a single user group online. With text-only.

SOLUTION: I give you techniques and a workflow to develop your ideas into something that actually sounds good to listen to, even on your first few tracks.

That's what you learn in Escape the 8-Bar Loop.




If you can make an 8-bar loop, you have everything you need for a great track

You can extend your loops into a full-length song with a huge PEAK to make people go crazy


This works for every style of bass music, it doesn't matter what genre you produce


Your starting ideas already contain the seed of an epic buildup and a SICK DROP.


This is "Learn By DOING"

  • The central technique in this course will save you HOURS of studio time
  • What you learn will work for LIFE, on every session you ever do
  • Stop trying to compose in the timeline. Start using Ableton the way it was designed to be used (in Session View)
  • Instead of watching videos, you're doing hands-on guided lessons
  • Instead of copying someone else's track, you're making your own original music
  • Get the practical techniques, key commands, FX presets and shortcuts to use immediately in your own sessions
  • It's HANDS-ON LEARNING and we do it right inside Ableton



"Steve is deeply knowledgeable and very supportive."

"His “Clip Stacking" concept is a very straight forward, intuitively creative technique for musical composition that applies to ANY genre of popular music. I am already seeing the benefits!"

-- Josh Boden, USA


Here's what you learn:


-Click to expand each box-

+ MODULE #1: Organizing

•    Syllabus & Overview    
•    Backup your work
•    Clear space
•    Label your channels
•    Color-coding groups
•    Bus Groups routing I/O

+ MODULE #2: Clip Stacks

•    How loops become phrases
•    Editing audio clips 
•    Automation
•    Key commands
•    Editing MIDI clips
•    Principles of Composition

+ MODULE#3: Song Form

•    What goes in the Drop
•    Bass & Drums layering
•    Building a Climax / Peak
•    Intro / Outro / Breakdowns
•    Improvising

+ MODULE #4: Transitions

•    What are Transitions
•    How to build Transitions
•    Reverb & Delay 
   •   AUX channel review
•    Drum Fills & Drum breaks


•    Mapping your controllers
•    FX on Send/Return tracks
•    Making FX from your original sounds (organic FX)
•    Performing the whole song with Session View
•    Recording into Arrangement

+ MODULE #6: Bonus Content

•    Bleeps & Sweeps Risers Instrument
•    Crash Cymbals Drum Rack
•    The Hypnotizor Delay/Glitch FX Rack
•    Master Channel FX rack

Remember, a great track is just a huge CLIMAX.


Here's what you get:

5 Modules with interactive hands-on guided Live Packs  (.alp)

Step-by-step instructions, EXAMPLES and TUTORIAL Videos

All the sounds & instruments you need for the guided activities

Structured content that takes you through the entire process

Bonus cheat sheets and review guides that explain the THOUGHT PROCESS behind what we're doing

And it's all hosted on a private site that tracks your progress & keeps you motivated!

You will really learn to make tracks.  You are not allowed to give up.


Plus these bonus FX racks!


Crash Rack

A collection of some of my favorite crash cymbals... with modulator FX and a mix processing chain.


Bleeps & Sweeps Risers Instrument

Not the predictable classic whitenoise riser.  Bleeps & Sweeps gives you sweep-ups and divebombs that you can scramble into completely new sounds, with reverb & delay.


The Hypnotizor FX Rack

A delay and beat repeat glitch masterpiece with phrase-sampling ability, smearing RePitched analog simulation, and deep LFO modulation to turn your sounds into rhythmic bubbling background madness..  the best kind of risers and FX come from your own sounds.




"This completely redefined the way I finish my tracks."

"Can't stress enough how much your methods have helped me move from a stagnant point on finishing my tracks, to right now when I just want to convert all my loops to songs."  - Hugo Pudim, Portugal


  • Finish your tracks and stop wasting time in the studio!
  • Expand your simple loops into an actual song
  • Get past repetitive drum loops
  • Build variation and complexity without cluttering your mix
  • Get the most out of Ableton Live
  • Make the perfect song form for your original tracks



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Got a question?  Contact me HERE:



+ Who is Steve Knots?

Hi, I'm Steve. The love for electronic music took me from driving a taco truck to performing my own original beats internationally, first on live electronic hardware and then with Ableton Live.

I created in 2016 to teach what I've learned over the last 20 years of producing, performing, and working as a soundman.

You only need three things to make a great track -- original sound design, a PEAK in your song form, and BASS in the mix.

"Escape the 8-Bar Loop" is all about putting a climax in your track that makes people want to play it again and again and again.

I've been making beats since 1998 and I've played literally hundreds of shows, from the NYC underground to residencies in one of the busiest tourist cities in Europe (Prague, CZ); and I can tell you this stuff really works.

btw, I'm not making this up. I went to a 4-year school for music theory, audio engineering and MIDI production and earned a Fine Arts degree. See Sonic Arts Center at The City College of New York (B.f.A. "Music and Technology", 2003).

"Love of learning is the guide of life." -PBK

Join now and get instant access to all this!


5 Modules with guided, interactive lessons


Step-by-step instructions and tutorial videos


Sounds, clips & instruments to do the hands-on activities


Structured lessons that take you through the PROCESS in order


Printable guides & cheat sheets to remember the PRINCIPLES behind what you're learning


Unlimited access to the student site that tracks your progress & keeps you updated on how you're doing!


If you're not completely happy, I'll give you your money back.

+ Read my 14-day Return Policy

I can't make you sit down and work on your tracks, but I can guarantee that if you download my lessons, do the exercises, and apply the lessons in your own music -- YOU WILL GET RESULTS.

But I understand that unexpected surprises can happen, so I'm offering you the chance to buy the course, try it out, and make sure you are getting what you expected.

If it's not right for you, AFTER YOU TRY THE ACTUAL LESSONS, I'll give you your money back with no arguments.

I'm offering 100% money-back for 14 days after you purchase. If you're not happy, all you have to do is contact me by email and tell me you'd like a refund.

I will ask for you the reasons -- only to help me solve problems -- and I'll return your costs within 30 days.



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aNY questionS?


Frequently Asked Questions

+ Who is this course for?

This is for Ableton electronic music producers who are making lots of new tracks and having a hard time finishing them. This is not for rock bands, any other DAWs, or microphone techniques. The course material will work for every genre of electronic music, from DnB down to spacey slow chillout beats. It is not for raw beginners; you need to have a basic working knowledge of Ableton Live to do this course.

+ Which version of Live do I need??

You need Live 9.7 The Live sets are made in version 9.7.2. IMPORTANT: the techniques I teach in the course have been working for me since Live4. Nothing in the basic production concept depends on Live9, in fact, I developed this technique on hardware MIDI sequencers and samplers. You can learn it and do it on any version of Live, but the downloadable lessons are in Live9. Just so that's said.

+ Does it work for both Mac and PC?

Yes, the course works for every OS. However, the key commands are for Mac users, because that's what I use. One weakness is that I did not create videos for PC user key commands. Sorry about that. I'm working that into the next update.

+ What Ableton skills do I need for this course?

  • Creating and launching Clips in Session View
  • Clip and Device views
  • Dropping plugins and operating their basic functions
  • MIDI and KBD mapping modes
  • automation envelopes (or at least know they exist)
  • Pan, Volume and track In/Out assignments
  • Warping audio clips & warp markers

In short, you need to be comfortable producing with audio and MIDI tracks in your music. I'll take you from there to finishing songs that GO SOMEWHERE!

+ What equipment do I need to do this course??

At the very least you need Ableton Live 9.7 and a good set of headphones. It's nice to have a pro-quality audio interface and studio monitors, but they are not essential. For the FX lessons it helps to have a MIDI controller with a section of knobs that you can assign to the FX racks, but that is not required. Controllers just make everything more fun.

+ How do I know I will LEARN something?

I give you multiple ways to learn including hands-on activities, video demonstrations, and step-by-step instructions to follow.

You get follow-up guides and cheat sheets to reinforce what you're learning.

At the beginning you get an outline of the entire course, like a syllabus, so you know what to expect, and the online platform allows you to track your progress through the lessons and modules.

I give you lots of opportunities to contact me and ask questions, as well as the opportunity to be part of the mixitecture community where you can find support, see examples of other people's work, and get feedback on your music as it develops.


And in case you were wondering...

+ What makes this course different?

The difference is "LEARN BY DOING." I give you hands-on activities that you do inside Ableton sets with built-in session lessons, which include step-by-step instructions that you see INSIDE the program. It means you're doing the course work hands-on, editing clips, making scenes in Session View, all inside Ableton, with directions for every action. You learn by DOING IT, not by watching videos.

+ How can I find you when I have a question?

Email is best, I answer every message and I'm on email every day. Allow 12 hours for differences in time zones:

+ Are you a certified Ableton instructor?

Not yet, but I'm excited to get certified as soon as they offer the program in my area.

Experience: I've been using Ableton since version4, tutoring private students in Ableton since 2008, I'm active in a local Ableton meetup group, and I volunteer as a mentor in a local recording studio internship program.

Credentials: B.f.A Music & Technology I have a Fine Arts degree from the Sonic Arts Center at The City College of New York, 2003.

Awards: Phi Beta Kappa, Summa Cum Laude. Love of learning is the guide of life.

+ How long does it take to do the course?

I recommend you set aside an hour for each of the 5 modules. That will give you enough time to download and open them, read through the instructions, and do a few simple activities & exercises with the built-in sounds. If you were on vacation with nothing else to do, you could easily finish this course in a week.

+ How long do I have access to the course??

After you join, you have unlimited access to the course. There's no time limit for it. I can say that the people who get the best results are the ones who work on their courses immediately after signing up. It's a bit like joining a new workout gym. If you never go, it won't help you. And of course, if the entire Internet goes down for some reason, I can't guarantee your continued access. The best move is to join the course, download all the materials right away, and then you'll be safe.

+ What if I can't start right away?

You can join now and start the work when you have time. It's entirely self-paced and I'm available for support with you at whichever stage you have questions. You get access to all the materials and you can start whenever you're ready.






It's time to Escape the 8-Bar Loop!


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