Abletunes Uplifter Racks

These come through from the Abletunes blog which has tons of quality stuff for you to enjoy.  I'm re-posting it because these sounds are so useful.

"Uplifters" are what I call the swoosh sounds.   The first one I ever heard was in music class in 6th grade, I was about 11 years old. 

We had a 2track tape machine in the classroom and once in a while the teacher would take it out and use it with us.   One day she turned on the mic and told us all to blow air and make noise like the wind.  We did it for a few minutes and then she played it back at high-speed... what came out sounded like a tornado coming to rip the roof off!   I think that was the moment when I fell over the edge into audio and never came back. 

Anyway, thanks to Abletunes you can grab this rack and play with some great uplifters for your breakdowns, intro's and buildups.  

The reason these are helpful is that it takes a surprisingly long time to make them yourself.  Of course it can be done quickly, but to end up with something special that really fits the feeling of your music takes a lot longer than you think.   That's why it's nice to have presets ready to help you get there faster.  

Abletunes did it with stereo fields, modulation macro knobs, and Operator patches that you can go farther to customize yourself.  Here's a little demo I made with a few of them.  

If you like it, check out Abletunes with the button up there and get to work on your own sound tornado.

Steve Knots

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