Eight Bizarre Recording Accidents

Well this one is for fun and you might just get something interesting out of it.  

I came across a post from LANDR titled "8 Totally Bizarre Recording Experiments That Ended Up on Hit Records".

I'm sharing it to spread the rule-breaking vibe of total creativity.  For example, everyone thinks that Michael Jackson recorded in zillion-dollar studios with pristine equipment handmade by Rupert Neve's pet unicorns, right?  

Wrong.  One time, an engineer named Bruce Swedien asked him to sing through a cardboard tube, to get "that" vocal sound, and it ended up on record.  (Billy Jean)

And while we're here, I want to share something new that you may have missed.

It's online mastering for music.   Of course there was an instant debate about it but I think it's interesting, especially for new producers who are still getting a handle on how to mix multi-track sessions. 

This is not like a guy sending you Dropbox files; it's a site where you can upload a raw stereo mix and they put it through some kind of digital mastering chain.

Enter LANDR.

LANDR has made a great site that can help you batch-master a bunch of demo tracks, or just compare your own skills with Ozone to what their algorithm puts out.

Of course you don't believe it so they give you two tracks free to start you off.

Personally?  I think mastering is a relationship that you have to put time and energy into, just like finding a hairdresser or a language teacher.  But I still sent a track to LANDR and it came back sounding pretty good.  Amazing, actually, for the price.

To wrap it up I want to give you one more cool little thing here.  LANDR included a "How to Mix Music" page in their site.  

It goes without saying that a crap mix is gonna be a crap master, so let's get our mixes tight before we pay for any studio time in mastering, right?  ok.


Steve Knots

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