Santuri Safari east African instruments

This is one of the most interesting sonic gifts I have ever come across and I really admire the feeling behind these sounds and instruments:

"I believe that this free contribution to all musicians and producers from all walks of life embodies the ethos of Santuri, which is the evolution of music and ideas without borders, always welcoming collaboration."  -- Emile Hoogenhout

In the full article Emile describes his trip to Kenya to meet the Santuri collective, which is a non-profit community organization that brings together musicians, DJs and electronic music producers, in the spirit of creativity and innovation.   

After introducing the musicians who he met, Emile takes us through the recording process for creating the sample library, the equipment he used, and the Ableton tools for mapping sounds into customized racks with lots of detail in the controls.  

This is a lesson in itself and I am so happy to read such a great presentation of feelings in the heart plus technical studio lessons!  

Now here's a preview of the sounds:


And if you like what you hear,  download the Santuri Safari Instruments Pack.  

Finally, super special thanks to Santuri and Emile for putting this together and sharing it with us.  You can read more about the trip:


Steve Knots

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