Hat Filler (sidebrain re-post)

Man, this is so useful!   Hat Filler does exactly what I always want from my hihats.

Once upon a time I sent my sampler output into a guitar distortion pedal and accidentally found the magic formula of putting a little crunch on your hihats.  Rice crispies on hihats sound soooooo good, but to be honest I'm usually too lazy to break out an analog channel to the mixer just for that effect during a session.

Enter HiHat Filler from sidebrain.net giving us all the hihat tools in one handy package.

There's a Reverb, Phaser and Saturator in the device chain with a Grain Delay operating as an octave doubler to beef up the sound and thicken it down.

The macro knobs give you what you need in 8 parameters, it's a small download and easy to install.  Of course you're going to automate your macros to shift the sound around during the track, right? Riiiiiiiight??   ok.

And this one is also FREE!  What's not to like??  

Special thanks to Yeuda, the founder of Beat Lab Academy

Steve Knots

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