Burnley73 EQ by Sonimus

Neve-modeled EQ from Sonimus

Thanks to Marcus at Machine City Audio for passing this on. 

Sonimus is a new plugin company that's making some really great-sounding plugs, for an amazingly low price.

The Burnley73 is a model of the Neve 1073 EQ.  

Here's a video to show you what it's all about.  I especially like the Mic/Line saturation control knob.

In case you're not familiar with Neve gear, here's a picture of a Neve 1080 to give you an idea of the original.

Neve 1080 EQ


There's a free demo available at Sonimus.com

Sonimus Burnley 73 is inspired by the classic 1073 equalizer. Our new plugin carefully recreates the characteristic sound of each EQ band, and the unique personality of both the 1073's inputs saturation: LINE and MIC. - Sonimus.com


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