Nica Brooke HUSH collection by ZIVXIZ

Where ASMR meets beats

Jon Cates (ZIVXIZ) made this collection of interesting sounds with vocalist Nica Brooke.

It's partly percussive and partly ambient, created by recording Nica's speaking voice with super high input gain.  

The result is all those little snippets of breaths, mouth noises and background sounds in between the spoken words.

Jon mapped them into drum racks for Ableton, as well as giving us a Logic file, a Reason file, and a folder of raw sounds.


I can't wait to plug these into my next track and add a touch of human weirdness.  

Check out what Jon did with these sounds in an example beat:

ASMR: Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response

Do you know about this whole scene?  ASMR is about micro-details in sound that make your hair stand up and tingle, like when a fly lands on your bare foot, or someone whispers in your ear.

The point is to relax people.  

So here we have a drum pack of sounds made to give you that feeling of something really super up-close and intimate, right next to your ear -- and they're all mapped to Ableton drum racks.

Requires Live 9.7.2



This is a really interesting new project from Jon Cates in Portland, OR.  He's working with creative sound designers around the world to make sound packs that have a story inside them.  

If you like to add real-world texture and color to your electronic music, this is a great way to do it.  Something magical happens when you get a mic on a piece of air... you never know what you're gonna hear in the background.

It reminds me of that psychoacoustic thing where our brains block out all background noise...  try recording yourself talking in the room when you think it's quiet, then play it back.  You won't believe what your brain was ignoring -- ventilation fan, traffic, the vibration of a text message, feet scraping on carpet, your elbow on the desk, keyboard typing noise.

I could go on and on forever but you get the idea.

Snap into the present moment.  The mics don't lie.


Steve Knots

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