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So far I've been telling you what mixitecture is doing differently from everybody else in the world of Ableton tutorials, with stuff like Session Lessons™ and free presets.

But today's innovation is about the membership site itself... it's an online learning platform modeled after some of the most advanced internet education classrooms in the world, like what Google is using with private schools that cost thousands of dollars per year in tuition.


The big difference here is that this site is designed to help you find the Ableton lessons you need FIRST, before you buy anything. That's why your membership is free.

It gives you organized, structured information in a simple format where you can learn at your own pace. It keeps track of your progress so you don't get lost, and it even sends you reminders to keep you focused on finishing your music!

But you can also unlock special prices and member discounts by completing lessons!

That means the site gives you points for all the lessons you complete, which means the more you do, the more you get access to better stuff.

That's just another thing I'm doing differently to help you get the music out of your head and into the speakers.


I don't just talk about being different... I actually DO IT.

see you inside!


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it takes the mystery out of making tracks.