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Monthly Session Lessons™

Welcome! This is an ongoing project where you learn how to go from a bunch of loops in Session View to a complete track in the Arrangement.

You learn by doing interactive Ableton Projects which have audio instructions, automated examples and hands-on activities built inside them.

Join us to make tracks you’re excited about and learn a production system that works for every genre of electronic music. Let’s get the music out of your head and into the speakers.




the plan

Each month we make a new track using a construction kit of Ableton Instruments, FX & sounds. You get weekly production lessons, hands-on activities, live video workshops, and feedback from a creative global group of producers.

But most important of all, you get a DEADLINE for motivation.

If you work on your music every week and follow the lessons, you’ll get a new track done. But if you don’t do the work, you’ll just end up with more unfinished projects on your computer.

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Here’s a diagram to show you the process from downloading a project to working on the basic elements that turn it into original music.

Each month you get a new Ableton Project where you learn in-depth production techniques from the built-in lessons and live video workshops. The cycle repeats with new Sound Design, Song Form and Mixdown lessons every month.

Just like in real life, you’ll be making tracks constantly while you apply everything you’re learning. Over the course of six months you’ll absorb a valuable production system that works for every genre of electronic music... and there’s no studying required! You learn by DOING it.

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Click into these boxes to see the topics we do in each month’s lessons. You are learning a real SYSTEM for making music, not just random tips and tricks. Don’t worry if you missed something, this will all repeat again. It’s a serious toolbox of production skills!

March 2019

  • Sound Design with Oscillators
  • From Arrangement into Session View
  • Spectrum: How to See your Sound
  • Exporting a stereo mix (repeats monthly)

April 2019

  • Sound Design with Filters
  • Variation & Repetition in your Song Form
  • High-Pass Filters as Mix Tools
  • Exporting a stereo mix

May 2019

  • Sound Design with ADSR Envelopes
  • What Goes In The Drop?
  • EQ: Cut Before You Boost
  • Exporting a master mix

June 2019

  • Sound Design with LFO's
  • Transitions, Breakdowns & Gaps
  • Compressor Threshold & Makeup Gain
  • Exporting a stereo mix

July 2019

  • Sound Design with Arpeggiators
  • Buildups with FX & controllers
  • Aux Sends & FX Returns
  • Exporting a stereo mix

August 2019

  • Additive Synthesis
  • Automation in the Arrangement
  • What goes on the Master Channel?
  • Pre-Mastering & Exporting a mix


This series repeats twice a year and you don’t have to start at the beginning. All the topics are useful on their own. Sign up now and get started right away!





Here's an example of the ingredients you get to work with. Listen to this construction kit from March 2019, with loops, single hits and found-sound ambient sonic spices.


Here's a Drum Rack with a few added surprises. Controls for Vintage-modeled Filters and the Glue Compressor let you really thwack the levels and put hot fuzz on the sound. It’s like Saturator heaven.

Drum Rack macro controls

Drum Rack macro controls

Drum Rack Instrument with macro controls for Tone & Dynamics

Drum Rack Instrument with macro controls for Tone & Dynamics


I love mapping macro knobs in every rack, to give you exactly the controls you need to have fun with it, and not make you dive into all the plugin parameters.

The Crunch-Sweep Delay Aux Return FX rack

The Crunch-Sweep Delay Aux Return FX rack


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You hear voice-guide instructions, you see automated examples, and you do hands-on Activities to hear how it works.

During the live video workshops I teach you specific production techniques using the same instruments and FX from the Project.

Then you follow along in the Session and use your new skills to make music right there on the spot, in Live. That's what LEARN BY DOING IT means.





The Ableton Project is there to give you some ideas to start with. You can make a track in any genre, any bpm, any key signature you like.

If you're a beginner, you can use the Construction Kit of loops and put them together like Lego. More advanced users can take the Instruments, add new parts, and write something completely new. The music you make is up to you... but the INSPIRATION is up to me.

Ready to get started making tracks and unlock your creativity?





This is for everyone who wants to make original electronic music using Ableton Live. That can be any genre of BASS music, in any tempo. Who this is NOT for:

  • it doesn’t work well for people who use external hardware synths

  • this is not for people who want to copy someone else’s template

  • it’s not for you if you ONLY work in the Arrangement

  • if you’re making backing tracks in a speed metal band, this is not for you

  • and it’s not a beginner’s course on how to operate Ableton

You need to know how to use the program at a basic level, and already be making your own tracks. If you’re doing that, the monthly session lessons will help you do it better. A LOT better.





The best time to join is at the beginning of the month, when we open a new Session.

You can join for only one month if you want, but you’ll get much more out of it if you do the whole series.

It takes 6 months to go through all the lessons, then we start over using new tracks and new Projects.

Yes, you can start in the middle, the topics are not in strict order. We just keep going and you learn it all eventually.

The point? Start now.






Ok, let me be crystal clear in this part. It’s for Ableton only. You need to have Live 9.7 or Live10, these lessons will not open in Live8 or anything earlier.

You also need the full version of the program, because we use instruments like Operator, Analog, and Sampler which are not available in the Intro or Standard versions of Ableton.

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how to get started

If you’re cool with everything so far, then let’s get started. Here’s what you do.

  1. Buy the Monthly Session Lessons product at the Online Learning Platform. It costs $25/month and it’s a repeating monthly subscription. You will be billed monthly and you can cancel anytime you want to.

  2. Get instant access and download the current Live Pack

  3. Open it up to start doing the lesson and getting creative

  4. Watch for emails about the next weekly live video workshop.

  5. Join the FB group, introduce yourself and start sharing the track you’re working on.



Join the Monthly Session Lessons™ to unlock your creativity, get inspiration, and make some new music!

If you follow the steps and do the work, each month you'll have an original new track that you can play at your gigs and be really proud of.

But if you don't do the work, you'll be stuck watching other people put out their tracks while your computer fills up with more sessions that go nowhere...  which feels like crap. 

It's an amazing production series waiting for you to explore.

Stop feeling stuck and start making tracks.