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 I'd like to introduce you to several innovations that help you make tracks with Ableton,

and we're diving into the best one first: Session Lessons™.

Session Lessons™ are a completely new kind of Ableton tutorial where you learn by DOING IT, hands-on, instead of just passively watching a video.

You're about to get a free one to see what it's all about.


It's important for you to understand Session Lessons™ because they're the foundation of how I teach.

They really work for learning production techniques that are hard to explain, because you learn by doing it... you get to play with the controls and hear what happens, just like you'd do in a real studio.

You can think of a Session Lesson like a guided Live Pack, if that helps.

Here's what you see when you open one up.

Each Session Lesson™ has a voice-guide track with audio instructions built in.

You just download the Live Pack, open it up and press play to hear it come alive.

The instructions tell you what you're going to learn and why it matters, then you play through some automated examples that show you what to do.

After that you do hands-on activities to DO THE SAME THING, using the same exact instruments, FX, plugins and sounds as in the examples.

These activities help you really connection the sound we're making with the technique for how to do it.

Most important, you learn WHY you're doing each activity, so you can do it by yourself again later.


Session Lessons™ give you instructions, examples and hands-on activities all in one place, together with the background theory to explain WHY it matters.

That's how they help you create your own ORIGINAL electronic music, so you can stop wasting time copying other people on Youtube.

What makes this different?

You probably realize that the current state of the industry is a video tutorial.

Session Lessons™ go beyond videos because the action happens inside Ableton, not on Youtube.

You literally learn by doing it.

But the best way to show you is to give you one right now so you can see for yourself.

Take this one and play with it.


This link will take you inside the Free Resources section, where you'll get download links and all the instructions you need.

There's one for Live9 and Live10 in there.

Let me know how you like it.



hey it’s Steve. I’m teaching Ableton music production for intermediate and advanced users and I do it differently that almost every other teacher.

I teach you to make tracks in Session View, where you can improvise and jam just like we used to do on hardware sequencers, samplers, synths and drum machines. Ableton Live is called LIVE for a reason and this it.

I don’t teach you how to operate the program, I teach you how to make MUSIC with it.

(If you’re a raw beginner, go HERE and do the built-in tutorials to learn your way around.)

I’m here to help you develop creative ideas and turn them into tracks.

Get the music out of your head and into the speakers.

Catch your inspiration before it gets away.

Got the idea? Good.

Keep reading to see how we do this.

Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at 8.30.34 AM.png



a revolutionary new kind of Ableton tutorial

I make interactive guided Ableton Projects that I call Session Lessons™.

These are special because you learn by doing hands-on activities inside Live — not watching video tutorials.

If you haven’t seen one yet, go HERE to find out. They’re cool.

My main program is a subscription where we make a track every month, with lessons and sounds to work with, and a DEADLINE for motivation to get it done.

Join us and learn to make tracks with weekly lessons and hands-on activities.

How would you like to make a new track in a month?

Let me show you how it works.


Most people teach in the Arrangement. I don’t. I teach you how to make music in Session View, where Ableton is at its best. That means we improvise like you do on hardware, PLAYING the music instead of stopping and starting to make a million edits.

Here’s an analogy from the sculpture world: working in session view is like throwing clay on a pottery wheel. Intuitive, improvised fluid and hypnotic.