The Story of Mixitecture

I’m Steve Knots. Since about 1997, all I wanted to do was make super-bass-heavy electronic music that would get my friends to dance around like crazy.

I wanted to make my own music, play it live, and travel. Those were my goals, nothing else mattered. Of course I dreamed about putting out tracks on vinyl and having a big studio full of gear, but the main feeling was to connect with people and sweat and BASS, that’s where I wanted to be.

The hard part was how to make it sound good. I struggled to record my own music and make it sound like the pro tracks I was buying on vinyl.

This was before the home studio revolution, before google, back when the internet barely had audio. RTFM. Nobody had home computers to record with, nobody had multitrack DAWs or plugins. It was not easy to learn how the pro’s made their bass so good, but we kept trying to find out.

That search led me from driving a taco truck to attending music school in New York City, and then to Europe where I could actually earn a living as a DJ.

In terms of equipment I went from using a huge rack of hardware MIDI samplers and drum machines & synths, to Ableton Live where I could do a great live set on a little 8-channel mixing board.

Musically I went from triphop to DnB to tekno to afrobeat & house, and even remixing pop hits into club tracks for wasted people.

The whole time, I was constantly trying new things, experimenting, looking for THAT SOUND, trying to get in front of the right audience and the right sound system and the right vibe. I was terrified of getting on stage and playing stuff that people didn’t like, but I was even more afraid of a boring life without music in it.

So I went forward. And it worked.

After 20 years of producing, practicing, promoting and performing my own tracks, I decided to start teaching. Mixitecture is the end result of that journey — the relentless search for awesome sound.

It’s all about Ableton Live, original electronic music + BASS sound systems.

There’s more. READ THE FULL STORY to hear about my adventures living with drug dealers upstairs from a stinking fish market, and other things that happened along the way…

And one more thing. Whatever you’re doing now, whatever you dream of, however impossible it seems…

Don’t give up. You can make it happen.