Hi, I’m Steve Knots. Thanks for joining me. I’d like to tell you what I’m doing differently with Mixitecture.

Almost everybody else teaches how to make tracks in the Arrangement view — but this is missing the point of Ableton! I teach you how to build tracks in Session View, where Ableton is at its best.

I’m going to introduce you to a revolutionary new kind of Ableton tutorial called Session Lessons™, and you’ll get one to play with at the end of the tour. Let’s see what makes them so special.



Session Lessons are special because you learn by doing hands-on activities right inside Ableton, instead of watching videos on Youtube. These interactive, automated Projects help you make your own original music, so you can stop relying on sample packs and templates. It’s a huge boost for your creativity. Next I’ll tell you about the mixitecture online learning platform, so you know what to expect when you get there.


the online learning platforM

This is a private membership site where you get the Session Lessons and support for using them. It delivers organized, structured content that leads you through a series of lessons and gives you rewards for completing them.

It’s not a random pile of tips & tricks videos ,and you won’t find any famous producers sharing their secrets either, because I’m not teaching you how to imitate other producers. I’m teaching you how to make your own original electronic music — and there’s actually a recipe for doing it. This takes the confusion out of making electronic music.


the MIXITECTURE production system

There are only three things you need to make a great track — original sounds, a climax, and a tight low-end mix. These give you a recipe that takes the confusion out of making music, no matter what genre you produce. You’ll have a chance to unlock this recipe inside the online learning platform; it’s important because it’s the foundation of everything we do as producers. Next I want to introduce you to the mixitecture community where you get support while making music.


the community

Most Facebook groups say the same thing, “Don’t post your music here,” and “Don’t spam us with your tracks.” The mixitecture group is the exact opposite — we invite you to share your tracks as they’re in progress, so you can get feedback on them. This means you don’t have to do it alone. But it gets better. I even came up with a way for beginners and experts to connect on the same level.


Timestamp CommentS

Getting honest feedback on your tracks is a very important part of the production process, but it’s really hard to find. People are usually afraid to be direct because they think it will sound too critical.

I solved that problem with the timestamp comment. It lets us give each other specific, detailed feedback without being negative. This means we can all interact on the same level, from newbie producers to experienced pro’s.

Remember, everybody knows what good music feels like, even little kids. So let’s talk about motivation. Go to the next section to get some.



Monthy Session Lessons give you motivation to make a new track every month, starting from a construction kit of instruments, loops and FX racks. You get weekly lessons, group feedback and a deadline to finish your music in time for the monthly compilation. Now we’ll finish the tour with a word about my Mission. I want you to know why I do this.



Learning to make electronic music should not require going to an expensive University, or moving to a big city, or taking on tons of student debt. I’m here to make simple, affordable Ableton lessons that help you unlock your creativity and make original tracks to share, no matter where you live. The mission is to INSPIRE!

Thanks for coming with me. This the end of the tour and the beginning of you making new tracks. Go get your free Session Lesson and see how much fun they are. -Steve Knots