the mixitecture tour

Hi, I’m Steve Knots. I started Mixitecture in 2016 to share my passion for making electronic music with you.

I’m going to introduce you to a revolutionary new kind of Ableton tutorial called Session Lessons™, and at the end of the tour you’ll get a free one to play with.

Thanks for joining me; let’s dive in.



Session Lessons are a completely new kind of Ableton tutorial. They’re special because instead of watching videos, you actually learn by following automation and doing hands-on activities in Live.

These guided Ableton Projects are designed to spark ideas and inspire you to make your own original music, so you can stop relying on sample packs and templates. You’ll get one in a second so you can see how much fun they are.



I didn’t want to make another one of those sites where you pay a monthly fee to get a random pile of tips & tricks videos.

The mixitecture members’ site delivers organized, structured content to solve your production problems. It tracks your progress to help you stay focused, and best of all — you only pay for the lessons you want!

It’s free to get in and once you start completing lessons you’ll find that you can unlock bonus content, get secret sound packs and even earn member discounts.

But you won’t find any famous producers sharing their “secrets”, because I’m not teaching you to imitate other producers.

I teach you how to make your own ORIGINAL electronic music — and believe it or not, there are some recipes for how to do that.


the MIXITECTURE production system

This system takes the confusion out of making electronic music by giving you the big-picture explanation of what we are doing.

It’s built on the workflow we used with original MIDI hardware in the ‘90s — samplers, synthesizers and sequencers (like drum machines).

You’ll discover the three essential things you need for a great track, how to make music that people recognize, and what makes people want to hear your tracks again and again.

This is incredibly powerful stuff that you could actually use with any DAW in the universe, and it works for all genres of electronic music.



Most Facebook groups say the same thing, “Don’t post your music here,” and “Don’t spam us with your tracks.”

The mixitecture group is the exact opposite — we invite you to share your tracks, to get comments on how they sound, and give other people some feedback on their music, too.

This makes a tight-knit vibe among a global group of producers who are helping each other make progress every week. We’re growing and you’re invited to join us.


the mixitecture MISSION

Learning to make electronic music should not require moving to a big city, going to an expensive University, or taking on tons of student debt.

Mixitecture is here to provide innovative & affordable Ableton lessons that help you bring your original music to life.

Now it’s time to get your free Session Lesson and find out how cool they are!

Thanks for coming on the tour with me. Click the green button and I’ll see you inside.

-Steve Knots