I help Ableton users unlock their creativity.

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Create your own original sounds from scratch and stop relying on presets.


Build the peaks and drops that make your track CLIMAX and escape the 8-bar loop.

Export tight BASS mixes that sound as full, deep, wide and LOUD as pro tracks.




Steve here. I’ve created several innovative ways to help you use Ableton at a higher level, unblock your creativity, and bring your music to life. This is not just another pile of video tutorials with a price tag. It’s real hands-on learning that will help you get the music out of your head and into the speakers. Take a look.

INTERACTIVE Session Lessons™

Revolutionary guided Ableton Projects where you learn by DOING IT, not passively watching YouTube videos. Voice-guide instructions, automated examples and practical activities get you making real music in each one.

A systeM FOR production

I took the mystery out of making tracks with a simple production system based on the original MIDI hardware — synths, sequencers and samplers. It’s an organized process for making music that people want to play again and again.

An Online Learning PLATFORM

This interactive education platform delivers easy-to-follow lessons in multiple formats, with structured information you can do at your own pace, and surprise BONUS content to unlock as you make progress.



Every other Ableton Facebook group says, “don’t spam us with your music.” But the focus of the mxt FaceBook group is on sharing our tracks and giving each other comments, to help us improve together. You don’t have to produce in a vacuum.


I invented this to help people give specific feedback on tracks without worrying that they sound harsh or critical. It lets us communicate the EXACT spot where a song needs improvement and leads to fantastic conversations on tips & tricks.


AND A Mission

I’m on a mission to help Ableton producers around the world make creative, original electronic music. But the higher purpose is to bring our world together using music, the language everybody understands. You are part of something bigger. Thanks for joining me. - Steve Knots




Now you know what Mixitecture does, put it into action with Monthly Session Lessons™.

This is a project where we make a new track in 4 weeks. You get the sounds to start with, weekly lessons on what to do, and a deadline for motivation to finish your track.

Here’s how it works.

  • Every month you get a new Ableton Project full of audio loops, MIDI Instruments and custom Audio Effects racks.

  • There’s a deadline to make them into an original track within 4 weeks

  • Along the way we do weekly lessons & live video workshops demonstrating techniques from the mxt production system

  • We share test mixes and give each other feedback in the Facebook group

  • And at the end we publish our tracks in a monthly Compilation

Want some inspiration and a little push to get your music finished?

Sign up and crack open the Live Pack. I know you can do it.




GET A system for making tracks

Most Ableton courses teach you how to use the program itself, like a video version of the operating manual. But that only gets you so far — they don’t teach you how to actually create meaningful music.

The Mixitecture Production System explains what to do AND WHY IT MATTERS (not just which knobs to turn).

You end up with a fundamental understanding of what makes electronic music work, so you can make tracks that people feel at a deeper level…. no matter what genre you produce.


This “Big Picture” explanation takes the confusion out of making music and gives you a recipe that works both to create new tracks AND to finish your old ones.


  • The 3 things you need in every track

  • Why you have to do them in order

  • A basic recipe for each step

  • What makes people recognize your music

  • How to make tracks that people want to play again & again

  • What makes your music sound good on every different type of sound system

  • How to troubleshoot & fix tracks that don’t feel right


Believe it or not, this is FREE. I want you to know this stuff and start using it right away. —Steve Knots


Check out these releases from Mixitecture friends. They brought their tracks into the FaceBook group and asked for feedback, made a few rounds of improvements, and then put them out on labels. Sound good? This could be you. Really.



My favorite part. This is where you set up your free user account on the mixitecture online learning platform and get fun stuff to play with.

You’ll find free presets for Ableton Instruments and FX racks, useful cheat sheets and guides, and best of all, you get your first hands-on Session Lesson™ in here.

It’s completely free, there’s no charge for your membership. This is another little thing I do differently. You only pay for the lessons you want, AFTER I help you find out what you need to learn. Come on in!




 The Story of Mixitecture

I’m Steve Knots. Since about 1997, all I wanted to do was make super-bass-heavy electronic music that would get my friends to dance around like crazy.

I wanted to make electronic music, play it live, and travel. Those were my goals, nothing else mattered. Of course I dreamed about putting out tracks on vinyl and having a big studio full of gear, but the main feeling was for people and sweat and BASS, that’s where I wanted to be.

The hard part was how to make it sound good. I struggled to record my own music and make it sound like the pro tracks I was buying on vinyl.

This was before the home studio revolution, before google, back when the internet barely had audio. RTFM. Nobody had home computers to record with, nobody multitrack DAWs or plugins. It was not easy to learn how the pro’s made their bass so good, but we kept trying to find out.

That search led me from driving a taco truck to attending music school in New York City, and then to Europe where I could actually earn a living as a DJ. In terms of equipment I went from using a huge rack of hardware MIDI samplers and drum machines & synths, to Ableton Live where I could do a great live set on a little 8-channel mixing board.

Musically I went from triphop to DnB to tekno to afrobeat & house, and even remixing pop hits into club tracks for wasted people (because it paid the rent).

The whole time, I was constantly trying new things, experimenting, looking for THAT SOUND, trying to connect with the right audience and the right sound system and the right vibe. I was terrified of getting on stage and playing stuff that people didn’t like, but I was even more afraid of a boring life without music in it.

So I went forward. And it worked.

After 20 years of producing, practicing, promoting and performing my own tracks, I decided to start teaching. Mixitecture is the end result of that journey — the relentless search for awesome sound.

It’s all about Ableton Live and how to connect it to real people + BASS sound systems.

There’s more. READ THE FULL STORY to hear about living with drug dealers upstairs from a stinking fish market and other adventures that happened along the way…

And one more thing. Whatever you’re doing now, whatever you dream of, however impossible it seems…

Don’t give up. You can make it happen.





Want some new Ableton Instruments and Audio Effects to play with? I’m constantly adding new presets to the site and I can send you a reminder when I put them up. These are for Live9 / Live10.

Drop your email address in here and I’ll send you a message every time I add one, so you can have new sounds to play with.