Welcome Abletonheads!

Unlock your creativity with a completely new kind of tutorial.

Learn by DOING IT instead of watching videos.

Do a hands-on Session Lesson™ and see for yourself.

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Steve here. I’ve created several innovative ways to help you use Ableton at a higher level, unblock your creativity, and bring your music to life. This is not just another pile of video tutorials with a price tag. It’s real hands-on learning that will help you get the music out of your head and into the speakers. Take a look.


INTERACTIVE Session Lessons™

Revolutionary guided Ableton Projects where you learn by DOING IT, not passively watching YouTube videos. Voice-guide instructions, automated examples and practical activities get you making real music in each one.


A systeM FOR production

I took the mystery out of making music with a simple production system based on the original MIDI hardware — synths, sequencers and samplers. It’s an organized process for making tracks that people will want to hear again & again.


An Online Learning PLATFORM

This interactive education platform delivers easy-to-follow lessons in multiple formats, with structured information you can do at your own pace, and surprise BONUS content to unlock as you make progress.


A global community

Every other Ableton Facebook group says, “don’t spam us with your music.” But the focus of the mxt FaceBook group is on sharing our tracks and giving each other comments, to help us improve together. You don’t have to produce in a vacuum.


I invented this to help people give specific feedback on tracks without worrying that they sound harsh or critical. It lets us communicate the EXACT spot where a song needs improvement and leads to fantastic conversations on tips & tricks.


AND A Mission

I’m on a mission to help Ableton producers around the world make creative, original electronic music. But the higher purpose is to bring our world together using music, the language everybody understands. You are part of something bigger. Thanks for joining me. - Steve Knots